Carpet Cleaning Services

Mackay Cleaning Solutions provides some the most cost effective carpet cleaning services. Looking for the best prices in Mackay and surrounding areas then try Mackay Cleaning Solutions.

We can tackle carpet cleaning jobs both big and small

We’ve got a knack for removing the toughest of stains or the just generally refreshing the look of any flooring. Whether you’re looking for an end-of-lease cleanup to get your bond back, or are in need of renewing your space after years of kids running their antics, we’ve got you covered. Best of all, we’ve got the know how to ensure no damage is inflicted to your carpets, allowing you to extend the life of your flooring without the hassle of having to replace it from the outset.


Aussie Budget has a new name...Mackay Cleaning Solutions. Same great prices same professional service.

Need more?

Maybe your upholstery needs a little pick-me-up – we can do that too. No matter your needs, we’re more than happy to cater to them, offering you reliable services across the board. Best of all, we’ll do this with care, attention to detail and a professional attitude to go with it.

We use our own power and hot water. For affordable, yet fast drying, and convenient home carpet cleaning or confidential office cleaning, use Mackay Cleaning Solutions.